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Food Ideas for Wedding on a Budget | ThriftyFunSome simple things to think about: "smokies" sausages (little smoke sausages) with BBQ sauce. These can be cooked in crock pots - all you do is place smokies in crock pot, pour bottled BBQ sauce I add a little grape jelly to. Food GIDs - JuliescafeworldCafe World Help for goals. . Plus hints on how to get the most out of your game. . 18011 --- Aromatic Jelly. 8887 --- Banana-Lychee Jelly. BBQ Chicken Pizza. Blue Hawaiian Jelly. 17476 --- Dragon Fruit Jelly Cake. Grape Gorgonzola SaladSlow Cooker Cocktail Smokies Recipe - A household hit for any occaision! I use equal parts of grape jelly and BBQ sauce. I also make this with prepared meatballs from the grociery store. This is also good using both meatballs and lil smokies. Just make sure the sauce. Easy Party Appetizer...Sweet BBQ Little Smokies #15...The smoky BBQ sauce mixed with sweet grape jelly is a perfect compliment to the Lit’l Smokies.

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Rate And Review Appetizer Grape Jelly and Chili Sauce Meatballs or Lil Smokies Recipe from - 73362How to Cook Little Smokies | MD-Health.comRecipe 2: Simple Brown Sugar Smokies. 3/8 16oz. Package of Little Smokies. Mix Smokies, grape jelly and barbeque or chili sauce into a slow cooker and allow them to simmer on low overnight. 14 Appetizers Made...l Smokies-Super Bowl Smokies More14 party appetizers, made with Lit’l Smokies sausages. Super Bowl bacon wrapped Smokies, mini corndogs, grape jelly cocktail sausage, classic pig in a blanket, and more. Photos included.Manhattan Meatballs Recipe - Kraft RecipesApricot preserves and BBQ sauce give these meatballs a unique flavor. They create a tangy twist on the typical sauce made with grape jelly.Good Things Come in Threes: An Awesome Autumn Party Platter. least, who has a party without some tasty cocktail weenies! These are a tried and true classic, but I’d like to encourage you to upgrade your dipping sauce. Most folks I know use BBQ sauce (or ketchup) with a jar of grape jelly. Rx: Crockpot Tuesday ~ Bbq Chicken Potatoes. from all my cousins, aunts, grandma, and my mom from my mom’s side of the family, and I made us all “Lester Cookbooks.” One of my cousins included a recipe for Little Smokies that included grape jelly and chili sauce. Party Snacks na PinterestuLittle Smokies Football Wienies with Grape Jelly? Who knew? I keep seeing these recipes and I SWEAR Imma have to make this for superbowl snacks party food?? GRAPE WHAT?!